NOWNESS | Demon Days

I didn’t want to make this particular film about ‘good looking’ plates of food, instead I really wanted to show the audience a glimpse inside Alvin’s imagination and understand what makes him approach new dishes in such a unique and original way. I wanted to challenge the viewer to think about food and how we interpret it just in the same way Alvin does when people visit his restaurant.

The biggest challenge was to shoot everything in camera, this is an approach that I always start the majority of my work with and a challenge that I really enjoy. We set out to create an abstract World that referenced the importance of creativity, innovation, science & food culture through playing with perception and by using a mixture of lenses and effects you start to recognise these micro environments within objects, like blow torching different types of meat to look like falling meteorites, to creating giant smoke rings, burning steaks to look like mountain ranges and creating mini universes in blenders.

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Executive producer – Stephen Whelan / White Lodge
DoP – David Procter
Set design – Thomas Petherick
Editor – Sally Cooper / Cut + Run
Grade – Julien Biard / Finish